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Educating the community about cancer prevention and early detection is vital to the health of our residents. With free education and cancer screenings, lives can be saved with early detection. In 2020, the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Outreach Program attended 14 community events and educated more than 373 people on cancer awareness. Education was provided in both English and Spanish.

Thanks to the generosity of the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation, the Carole Pump Women’s Center hosted 12 FREE health fairs for the uninsured and underinsured in our community. “Reaching Out Health Fairs” attracts hundreds of people who receive free breast and prostate evaluations and screenings. Since prevention is key, attendees also learn how to decrease their chances of a cancer diagnosis.

Did you know?

In 2020, the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation provided 435 people with the following FREE health screenings:

•   293 Screening Mammograms
•   44 Diagnostic Mammograms
•   73 Ultrasounds
•   9 Ultrasound Needle Placement
•   10 Biopsies
•   49 Family Practice Consultations

Family and Support Care


The Family Plan Fund assists patients and their families with payment for services or equipment needs. Patients who are hospitalized or at home with a cancer diagnosis face many difficult hours filled with painful treatments, unpleasant side effects, invasive tests, and much uncertainty. This is interspersed with periods of boredom, depression and fatigue – making it a very difficult time for the patient and their families.
In 2020, the H&CPF provided cancer patients with over 407 hours of home healthcare and one-on-one support.


For those cancer patients with no means of travel, the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation has budgeted a portion of their funding to provide transportation to and from the hospital for treatment and tests. This past year the Foundation provided 477 trips. This service continues to be a tremendous benefit for those in need.


Finding compassionate support is important, especially for new patients who are overwhelmed with a cancer diagnosis. A patient navigator serves as a personal guide who meets with inpatients and outpatients one-on-one to better acquaint them with the Carole Pump Women’s Center, the Harold and Carole Pump Department of Radiation Oncology and the Leavey Cancer Center. Through the generous support of the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation, patients can rely on their Navigator for compassionate support, encouragement and education to ensure they have every available resource to make informed decisions regarding treatment, options and symptoms management.


A Legacy of Serving the Community continued with the H&CPF providing funding to expand the Chemotherapy Infusion Center. The expanded Center increased the number of infusion chairs from 13 to 20 and added one private treatment room for higher acuity patients. Additional restrooms, a nutrition room, and redesigned physician offices were also included

3D Mammography Now Available

The Carole Pump Women’s Center is proud to announce the arrival of 3D mammography with the Hologic Selenia Dimensions System. The system produces more detailed images of breast tissue than traditional mammography by capturing 3D slices of the breast, all at different angles, in order to detect lumps.
The Hologic Selenia Dimensions system features imaging that is fast and clinically superior compared to 2D. In fact, the exam is performed in a rapid 3.7-second scan time for greater patient comfort and low patient dose, due to the elimination of 2D X-ray exposures. 
With this system, Northridge Hospital added the Affirm breast biopsy system, which has a lateral arm upright biopsy accessory that provides even more flexibility to access challenging lesion locations. And, the 3DTM biopsy option allows clinicians to pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications – including those that may only be visible with tomosynthesis. 

Technological Advancements

Key Advantages

  • Easily target lesions, including those visible only in tomosynthesis images
  • Streamlines procedure steps and speeds targeting, resulting in improved workflow, and shorter patient procedure time.
  • Reduces patient dose, as fewer exposures are required.

The new 3D mammography system also features the SmartCurveTM Breast Stabilization, which reduces pain and discomfort during mammograms. The curved design of the compression device mirrors the shape of a women’s breast to reduce pinching and applies uniform compression over the entire breast for added comfort. 

Cancer Prevention

The Harold & Carole Pump Foundation has partnered with Stop Cancer and has provided funding of $150,000 for lymphoma research.  The mission of Stop Cancer is to find a cure for cancer by funding innovative cancer researchers at the three National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the Los Angeles area.

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